FACS Calibur Analyzer


The BD FACSCalibur is an analogue analyzer equipped with 2 lasers permitting detection of 4 colors. The main laser is an air-cooled Argon Ion laser exciting at 488 nm (15mW) and the second laser is a Red Diode exciting at 635 nm (9mW).




FACSCalibur can measure the following parameters (see configuration):

  • Forward Scatter (FSC) expresses the size of a cell.
  • Side Scatter (SSC) expresses the granularity of a cell.

Fluorescent parameters:

  • FL1 – Green emission (filter: 530/30)
  • FL2 – Red/Orange emission (filter: 585/42)
  • FL3 – Red emission (filter: 670 LP)
  • FL4 – Far Red emission (filter: APC – 661/16 nm)


Specifications and performance

Fluorescence sensitivity: 1000 molecules of equivalent soluble fluorescein.

Fluorescence resolution: Coefficient of variation (CV) is <3% full peak for propidium iodide-stained (PI) chicken erythrocyte nuclei (CEN) for FL2-A.

Flow rates

Low: 12µl/min.

Med: 35µl/min.

High: 60µl/min.



Analysis of particles of sizes ranging 0.2-150 microns

Cell cycle and DNA analysis

1-4 colors analysis


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FACS Calibur Configuration


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WinMDI Tutorial and Download (by Perdue)

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