Microscopy & imaging

The Microscopy Unit contains 2 inverted fluorescent light microscopes, 3 confocal microscopes, a fluorescent binocular, a High Content imaging system and Light Sheet microscopes. Additionally, there are work stations containing image analysis software, including Deconvolution software, time-lapse, 3-D reconstruction and other software.


All users receive full training on a specific instrument prior to independent work.


Workshops and hands-on sessions are organized to provide researchers with training in fluorescent and confocal microscopy. Additionally, a forum is managed for open discussions relating to new technologies, and sharing of ideas and personal experiences with the various systems.


The Unit contains the following microscopes:


Light Sheet Fluorescent Microscope– Zeiss Z1, with dual sided illumination, 2 cameras and full incubation. An analysis computer is available for the Light Sheet data analysis.


Confocal Microscopes:



Fluorescent Microscopes:


  • Inverted Cell Observer– Zeiss Axiovert 200 inverted fluorescent microscope equipped with environmental chamber (temperature, CO2, humidity) for long-period time lapse applications.
  • Inverted Leica DMI8– inverted fluorescent microscope.


Fluorescent Binocular:



High Content Analysis system:


  • GE InCell Analyzer 2000– a high content acquisition and analysis system, equipped with environmental chamber (CO2 and temperature). In addition, high content analysis software is available – InCell Investigator,  Spotfire, InCell translator and Miner server.


All users must download the User Statement and unit policy and sign it before starting to work (See the Ordering section on this site, subheading: User Statement and Unit Policy).

Microscopy Team:

Dr. Nitsan Dahan
Microscopy & Analysis core facility, Head

Tel: 077 887 1385

Dr. Yael Lupu-Haber
Bioanalyst & Microscopy Specialist

Tel: 077 887 1386