Academic activity

Academic activity

The LS&E center operates as a “knowledge-based” center, therefore it promotes special seminars and workshops dedicated to enhancing the understanding of the existing technology and promoting new technologies and applications.


  • Workshops and seminars:

The LS&E constantly organizes workshops and seminars throughout the year.

Information is sent to the mailing list of registered users.


  • Academic courses

The LS&E participates in several academic courses:


Cell Characterization and Separation by FACS – 138008

The course is headed by Prof. Noga Ron-Harel and Dr. Efrat Barak. The course provides principles of Flow-Cytometry Systems: Liquid System, Lasers, Optical Components, Electronic Components, Signal Identification, and Detection. Fluorochromes: Fluorescent Proteins, Antibodies for Flow-Cytometry, DNA and RNA Dyes, Cell Cycle Analysis, and Compensation.  Principle of Cell Sorting. Analysis. FACS Applications in Research, Clinic, and Industry. The course is open to graduate students from Biology, as well as from other faculties: Biotechnology, Chemical Eng. Chemistry and Biomedical Eng.


Advanced Microscopy Applications  – 138049

This course is listed to the Faculty of Biology, headed by Prof. Ayala Shiber and Dr. Nitsan Dahan. This is the first time this course was given. The course combined lectures and labs. The theoretical lectures were during the semester, once a week. The lab (zoom and visit) was at the end of the semester.

The course provides students with theoretical and hands-on laboratory work on microscopy applications. The students receive basic theoretical knowledge on light microscopy and image analysis, as well as working on the microscopes at the LS&E.


In addition to these courses, several courses from Biology and Biomedicine are offered, utilizing the Infrastructure center for demonstration and evaluations of the experiment during the lab course.

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