BigFoot sorter

Bigfoot Cell – Sorter


Bigfoot cell sorter is a new digital flexible and stable stream-in air flow cytometry sorter, configured with 4 100mW air-cooled lasers at excitations of 405 nm ,488 nm ,561 nm and 640nm, and up to 27 fluorescent detectors.



Sorting options:
Sort rates of 70,000 events per second (eps) and analysis rates of more than 100,000 eps.
6-way sorting into tubes (200ul, 1.5ml, 5ml, 15ml or 50 ml),
4-way sorting into 96-well plates (in less than 8 seconds),
8-way sorting into 384-well plates (in less than 11 seconds),
or straight down sorting into 1536-well plates.
In addition, virtual 18-way sorting allows the separation of multiple populations from a single sample or different samples.
For bulk sorts, the InfiniSort capability allows multiple tubes or plate sorts in sequence.


Sample input tube types
1.5 mL, 5 mL, and 15 mL


Sample output tube types
200ul, 1.5ml, 5ml, 15ml or 50 ml, tubes and 96, 384 and 1536 well plates

Adaptor for 10x genomic chip

Adaptor for slides

Adaptor for PCR strips


Beam alignment
Fixed, 7 spatially separated pinholes


Scatter parameters
Standard FSC and SSC 488 nm; small particle FSC 405 nm; depolarized FSC and SSC 488nm


Scatter resolution
<0.2 µm scatter resolution from a background with a small particle detector


Pulse measurement
Simultaneously measured peak, area, and width for sample input and output of every channel


Sample Acquisition Rate
Maximum acquisition rate: >100,000 events per second with 27 parameters. Maximum sorting rate > 70,000 events per second with all parameters enable.
Temperature control
4°C-37°C for input and output of all media types.


Automatically based on input tube type
Nozzle selection and design
Five nozzle sizes are supported: 50, 70, 100, 120 and 150 microns with adjustable pressure settings.


Lasers and detectors:

Laser line/color (Excitation) Detector Emission Filter (nm) Example of available markers
Violet (405nm) A 750LP BV786
B 720/60 BV711, BV750
C 661/20 BV650
D 583/30 BV570, BV605
E 525/35 BV510
F 465/22 BV480
G 420/10 BV421
Blue (488nm) A 750LP PE-Cy7
B 720/60 BB700
C 670/30 Percp-Cy5.5
D 615/24 PE-TxR
E 583/30 PE
F 549/15 YFP
G 507/19 FITC
Yellow/green (561nm) A 750LP PE-Cy7
B 720/24 PE-AF700
C 700/13 PE-Cy5.5
D 661/20 PE-Cy5
E 615/24 mCherry, PE-TxR
F 589/15 dTomato
G 575/15 PE
Red (640nm) A 750LP APC-Cy7
B 728/40 A700
C 700/13 APC-Cy5.5
D 670/30 APC


Specifications and performance

Integrated biocontainment and aerosol management

The Bigfoot Spectral Cell Sorter features an integrated Class II biocontainment cabinet, which meets the equivalent functional personnel and product protection standards for a Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet defined by the National Sanitation Foundation International Standard 49. The custom-designed cabinet protects operators and samples from aerosols without compromising high-parameter sorter performance or impacting workflow. A separate aerosol management system meets ISAC guidelines for cell sorters.



Working policy

Users who wish to work on the Bigfoot system must contact Dr. Aviv Lutaty before ordering this system.



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