Cytation™ 5 – BioTek


Cytation™ 5 systems combines automated digital microscopy, BioSpa incubator for up to 8 multi-dish plates and a robot machine. The microscopy module offers up to 20x magnification in fluorescence, high contrast brightfield, color imaging and phase contrast. Gen5™ software provides complete control over all imaging and data capture with powerful image and data analysis. Cytation 5 imaging opens a range of applications for cell morphology, localization of signal, cell count and more.  In addition, the system includes an automated scratcher for live cell imaging of wound healing or killing assay.



  • Speed: Bright optics with powerful light source
    Fast hardware autofocus
    Fast on-line cell count function
    Rapid slide imaging
    Automated filter  & objective changing
  • Environmental chamber: Variable temperature control (up to 42°C), CO2 and humidity
  • Manual microscope mode
  • Preview Scan
  • Slide imaging
  • Automated image focusing based on laser and/or software
  • Transmitted light imaging (Phase)
  • Large chip CCD camera


Magnitude NA Working Distance
4X 0.1 8.5 mm
10X 0.3 6.0 mm
 20X 0.45 5.5 mm


Fluorescence Filters:

The imaging system included 3 filters covering all the most popular dyes and fluorescence proteins

• DAPI/Hoechst
• eGFP/FITC/ Alexa Flour 488
• RFP/Cy3/TRITC/DsRed/mOrange/Rhodamine


The designed-in features and functions enable complex biological techniques to be incorporated with ease into your high content program. Applications could be performs with Cytation™ 5 – BioTek include:

  • Compound screening
  • Stem cell assays
  • Lead optimization
  • Phenotypic profiling
  • Predictive toxicology
  • RNAi screening
  • Tissue microarrays
  • Whole organism imaging
  • Signaling pathway analysis
  • Neurite outgrowth/neuronal function
  • Cell lineage studies
  • Cell cycle studies
  • Cell migration
  • Micronuclei formation
  • Co-localization analysis
  • Automated slide imaging
  • Fluorescent in situ hybridization
  • Spheroid studies
  • Organelle & protein trafficking
  • Receptor activation
  • Morphology analysis
  • DNA content analysis
  • Apoptosis/cell viability
  • Mitochondrial function
  • Colony counting (e.g. stem cells)


Gen5 Image+ offers complete imaging control for Cytation 5, and provides image processing and analysis including z-projection, image stitching, hitpicking and digital phase contrast.

Gen5 Image Prime controls Cytation 5 includes more expansive image processing and analysis: Z-projection, image stitching, hitpicking and digital phase contrast, plus advanced features including secondary mask, dynamic thresholding and subpopulation analysis






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