How do I get a password?

You click on “New membwe registration” in the Ordering page

After I register, can I start order equipment?

No, your request to become a user will be processed and you will recive an e-mail notice that your request was approved.
Only after approval, can you began to order specific instruments.

After my registration was approved, can I reserve all instrument?

No, you will be able to reserve only the instruments that were assigned to you as a user.

After I register, can I work by myself?

No, registration only allows you to reserve instruments.
After your request will be approved, you will be assignd for each instrument as a “self operator” or “need assistance”.
If you need assistance, you will receive the required guidance and you will still need to contact us.

What is the cost of using one of the instruments?

Our fees are published in the “Ordering” page.

How do I apply for an RBNI subsidy

You can apply for an RBNI subsidy on the RBNI page, under Funding and Capital Equipment Usage or click here: http://rbni.technion.ac.il/node/42

Why can't I see the related documents shown in the instruments page?

After registration, only approved users can download the related documnets.
Registration to the site does not mean you are approved as a user.

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