Cytek Flow system

Cytek Aurora

Cytek Aurora is a spectral flow cytometer equipped with four lasers (405, 488, 561, 635 nm). The Aurora’s advanced technology allows the detection of the full emission spectrum, which enables it to distinguish between overlapping dyes such as GFP and FITC or APC and CY 647.

A paradigm shifting optical design provides unprecedented flexibility, enabling the use of a wide array of new fluorochrome combinations without reconfiguring your system for each application. The state-of-the-art optics and low-noise electronics provide excellent sensitivity and resolution. Flat-top beam profiles, combined with a uniquely designed fluidics system, translate to outstanding performance at high sample flow rates.



  • Violet detector module (laser ex. – 405 nm): 16 channels unevenly spaced bandwidth from 420-829 nm.
  • Blue detector module (laser ex. – 488 nm): 14 channels unevenly spaced bandwidth from 498-829 nm.
  • Yellow-Green detector module (laser ex. 561 nm): 10 channels unevenly spaced bandwidth from 567-829 nm.
  • Red detector module (laser ex. 635 nm): 8 channels unevenly spaced bandwidth from 652-829 nm.


Cytek dyes


48 different fluorophores + FSC & SSC

Sample flow rates:

  • low (15µl/min)
  • Medium (30µl/min)
  • High (60µl/min)


  • Live unmixing during acquisition
  • Developed specifically to streamline assay setup, data acquisition, and file export.
  • Autofluorescence extraction
  • Raw and Unmixed FCS 3.1 files


Experiment design tool:





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