LS&E Advanced Research Day- Thursday, March 2nd, 2023, Biology Auditorium

The LS&E are delighted to invite you to the LS&E research day.
The meeting will be held on Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 @ the Biology Auditorium, Technion upper Campus, Haifa.
This annual LS&E meeting will congregate young researchers from an interdisciplinary research area that uses the LS&E services and equipment.
This meeting is a good opportunity to meet friends and discuss new methodologies and ideas, while learning about the availability of new applications and systems.

Below you can find the full detailed agenda for the LS&E research day

 LS&E Research Day Agenda 

8:30 Meet and coffee

9:00 Introducing the LS&E Maayan Duvshani Eshet, LS&E head.

9:15 Research presentations:
•  Bar Cohen , Yoav Arava Lab, Faculty of Biology
Cox 7 c mRNA co transport with mitochondria along axons via a coding
region dependent mechanism
Megan Sammons , Asya Rolls Lab, Faculty of Medicine
Mapping neuronal representations of peripheral immune responses
Yonit Maroudas Sacks , Kinneret Keren Lab, Faculty of Physics
Tissue organization and mechanics of Hydra regeneration
Yael Shalev Ezra , Yoav Shechtman lab, Faculty of Biomedical
High Throughput Multi Dimensional Tracking of Chromosome Reconfiguration
During Double Strand Break Repair

10:35 – 11:50 Coffee Break

10:50 Research presentations, continue:
Gal Chen , Avi Schroeder lab, Faculty of Chemical Eng.
Mastering complexity: How to design protein micro factories to promote tissue
Rina Zuchman , Benjamin Horowitz Lab, Faculty of Biology Analysis of stress induced granules in filamentous fungi
Sarah Goldberg , Roee Amit Lab, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Eng. Uses of LS&E equipment in research: three examples
Avi Rutenberg , Tomer Shlomi lab, Faculty of Biology and Computer Sciences A Novel Cancer Immunotherapy Approach: Overcoming Metabolic
T cell Suppression via Nanotechnology Based Metabolite Feeding

12:10 Flow cytometry advanced applications Aviv Lutaty & Yousef Mansour

12:30 13:15 Light lunch and get together

13:15 Microscopy advanced applications Nitsan Dahan & Yael Lupu Haber
13:35  Guest lecture Assist. Professor Assaf Zinger , Faculty of Chemical Eng.
Learning From Nature How to Target Diseased Tissues, The Cell Way


The LS&E research day is free, but registration is needed. Please register here

Hope to see you all,
LS&E team

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