LSM 510 – Upright confocal with meta detector and mp laser


The LSM 510 META laser scanning confocal microscope from Zeiss is a spectral imaging confocal system. It is hooked to an upright fully motorized Axio Imager Z1 microscope.



  •  Laser options:

The system includes 3 visible lasers and an IR-multi photon laser:

– Multiline Argon laser with excitations at: 458, 477, 488, 514nm (30mW)

– DPSS laser with excitation line at: 561 nm (10mW)

– HeNe laser, with excitation line at: 633 nm (5mW)

– TiSapphire Multi-photon laser with excitation line varied from 690-1040 nm (2.4 W at 800 nm)

  •  Objectives:


Magnitude X10 X25 X40 X63 X63 X63
NA 0.3 0.8 1.3 1.0 1.4 1.0
Immersion dry Water ± cover
slip / Glycerol ±
cover slip / Oil
(correction ring)
Oil Water-cover
Oil Water-


  • Controller: Two-mirror scanner system offers 360° XY scanning field rotation, quick zooming, different acquisition modes: simultaneous, sequential, bi-directional and more.
  • Detection: 4 individual fluorescent channels: 3 PMT detectors and 1 Meta detector for spectral imaging. A variety of available emission filters offers imaging of wide fluorochromes from the UV to the IR spectral region 1 transmitted light channel allowing superimposing fluorescence images on bright filed, DIC images.
  • 2-photon application: the TiSapphier laser allows 2-photon excitation which permits dipper penetration into tissues and samples.
  • Acquisition and analysis: acquisition is performed using the ZEN software which provides a wide range of image processing functions: 2D/3D, projection, reconstructing, co localization, intensity measurements and more.
    An additional software license for offline analysis is available on the workstation.
    Files generated by the 510 LSM software can be loaded by the ZEN . Using the ZEN lite one can export specific files to any other required form: JPEG, AVI, etc.



Multi channel fluorescence imaging

3-D reconstruction

Quantitative co-localization

Spectral imaging


FRET – fluorescence resonance energy transfer

FRAP – fluorescence recovery after photo-bleaching

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