GE InCell Analyzer 2000


The IN Cell Analyzer 2000 is an automated cellular and subcellular imaging system for fixed and live cells. The system is equipped with environmental chamber, including temperature (heating), humidity and CO2 controls. The system enables cell analysis from investigative microscopy to automated high-content screening, from organelles to cells, to tissues, to whole organisms and from fixed end-point assays to extended live cell studies. The IN Cell Analyzer 2000 delivers accurate, high speed imaging through a combination of proprietary optics, fast hardware and software autofocus, with a high performance CCD camera. This results in rapid well-to-well imaging and, combined with a bright light source, lower exposure times for increased speed with no compromise on image quality & cell health.



  • Speed: Bright optics with powerful light source
    Fast hardware autofocus
    Fast on-line cell count function
    Rapid slide imaging
    Automated filter, polychroic mirror & objective changing
  • Environmental chamber: Variable temperature control (up to 42°C), CO2 and humidity
  • Manual microscope mode
  • Preview Scan
  • Slide imaging
  • Image restoration (Deconvolution)
  • 3D Deconvolution software module
  • Automated image focusing based on laser and/or software
  • Transmitted light imaging (DIC or Phase)
  • Large chip CCD camera



Magnitude NA ASAC ( Range mm) Working Distance
2X 0.1 No 8.5 mm




4.0 mm
 20X 0.45 Yes (0-2) 7.5 mm
60X 0.95 Yes (0.11-0.23) 0.15 mm


Polychroic Mirrors & Filters:

The imaging system comes complete with polychroic mirrors and filters covering all the most popular dyes and fluorescence proteins


Polychroic Suitable for
QUAD 1 • DAPI/Hoechst/Quantum Dots
• Cy3/TRITC/DsRed/mOrange/Rhodamine/dTomato
• Cy5/DRAQ5
QUAD 2 • DAPI/Hoechst/Quantum Dots
• Texas Red/HcRed1/mRaspberry/mPlum/mCherry
• Cy5/DRAQ5


Excitation Filters
Dyes Filters Provided
Texas Red
Des Red
• 350_50x
• 430_24x
• 490_20x
• 500_20x
• 543_22x
• 555_25x
• 579_34x
• 645_30x
Emission Filters
Dyes Filters provided
Texas Red
Des Red
• 455_50m
• 470_24m
• 525_36m
• 535_30m
• 604_64m
• 605_52m
• 624_40m
• 705_72m


The designed-in features and functions enable complex biological techniques to be incorporated with ease into your high content program. Applications could be performs with IN Cell Analyzer 2000 include:


  • Compound screening
  • Stem cell assays
  • Lead optimization
  • Phenotypic profiling
  • Predictive toxicology
  • RNAi screening
  • Tissue microarrays
  • Whole organism imaging
  • Signaling pathway analysis
  • Neurite outgrowth/neuronal function
  • Cell lineage studies
  • Cell cycle studies
  • Cell migration
  • Micronuclei formation
  • Co-localization analysis
  • Automated slide imaging
  • Fluorescent in situ hybridization
  • Spheroid studies
  • Organelle & protein trafficking
  • Receptor activation
  • Morphology analysis
  • DNA content analysis
  • Apoptosis/cell viability
  • Mitochondrial function
  • Colony counting (e.g. stem cells)


In Cell Analyzer 2000 – for auto image acquisition
In Cell Investigator and Developer for advanced imaging segmentation and analysis
In Cell Miner software for data manning and image managements
Spotfire – software for a highly visual and interactive environment for exploring data



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