IVIS® Spectrum CT –  In Vivo Imaging System

The IVIS-CT rodent imaging system (in the upper campus animal house) is under the responsibility of LS&E infrastructure.


The IVIS® SpectumCT in vivo imaging system offers 2D and 3D imaging capabilities but includes integrated low-dose microCT ideal for longitudinal studies.


The system provides researchers with greater insights into complex biological systems by enabling simultaneous molecular and anatomical non-invasive imaging in animal models.

The stable revolving animal platform table rotates 360° to acquire full 3D data. Multiple animals can be scanned simultaneously while maintaining an average dose per scan at about 13mGy, with a scanning and reconstruction time of less than a minute. Optical and microCT modalities can also operate independently.

Key features include:

  • Integrated optical and microCT technology
  • 3D optical tomography for fluorescence and bioluminescence
  • The industry’s most sensitive detection technology ideal for:
    • Bioluminescence
    • Multispectral fluorescence and spectral unmixing
    • Cerenkov imaging for optical radiotracer imaging
    • Low dose and ultra fast microCT
    • DyCEdynamic enhanced imaging for real time distribution studies of both fluorochromes or PET tracers ideal for PK/PD app

The IVIS SpectrumCT is an integrative platform that combines the full suite of IVIS optical features including Spectral Unmixing, 2D and 3D quantitative bioluminescence and fluorescence with fast and low dose CT imaging.

The IVIS Spectrum CT enables longitudinal workflows to characterize disease progression and therapeutic effect throughout the complete experimental time frame with both quantitative CT and optical reconstructions.


For assistance or imaging system booking, Please contact Dr. Mayyan Duvshani Eset- duvshani@technion.ac.il ,04-829-5834