February 28th, 10:30 – Seminar on Dynamic Imaging of Living Samples

The LS&E Microscopy core facility the invites You to attend special seminars in Advanced microscopy application and Methodologies.

The first seminar will be on “Dynamic Imaging of Living Samples”.

Date: Tuesday, February 28th, 10:30 o’clock

Location: Auditorium , Faculty of Biology

Speaker: Douglas Lutz, Ph.D.

Advanced Imaging Applications Specialist Getter Group Ltd- Bio Med Scientific Div.

Abstract:  A variety of modern imaging techniques will be presented that are especially well suited to the investigation of living samples.  We will discuss the wide variety of light microscopic imaging methodologies available, how one goes about choosing the best method for different sample types, optical considerations that go into the decision making process, and how to maintain and evaluate “normal” sample physiology during the observation time frame.

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