22 June – the newest ZEISS Light-Sheet 7 would be installed at the LS&E this year.

The LS&E Microscopy Core Facility Center is pleased to announce that the newest ZEISS Light-Sheet 7 would be installed at the LS&E this year.   The new Light-Sheet 7 microscope is dedicated for multi-view imaging for Living sample and as well as for Optically Cleared Specimens. The exceptional stability of Light-Sheet 7 enables to observe living samples over extended periods of time – even days – with minimal photo-toxicity than ever before. In addition, the new light sheet microscope can image very large optically cleared specimens with subcellular resolution. Light-Sheet 7 designed to image specimens at up to 2 cm in size at any refractive index between 1.33 and 1.58, and in almost all clearing solutions. The Light-Sheet 7 have dedicated optics, sample chambers and sample holders to match accurately the desired refractive index for multiplicity clearing method with the ability to image large samples or cleared organ/tissue such as mouse brain,...

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24 Feb – Arivis Workshop : Seminar, Live Demo and Hands On session

Dear all, The LS&E microscopy and image analysis core facility is happy to invite you to participate on Arivis Workshop. A workshop on Large image data, visualization, image processing and analysis. General agenda, o Sunday, Feb 24, 11:00 - in Emerson building floor 6 at Aquarium Room, general presentation and Live demo, open to everyone o Feb 24 afternoon: Hands-on session of arivis InViewR and arivis Vision4D, by registration only - ndahan@technion.ac.il Please find out more details on the enclosed PDF. For more information, Please contact: Dr. Nitsan Dahan, 077-8871385, ndahan@technion.ac.il Dr. Yael Lupu-Haber, 077-8871386, yaelupu@technion.ac.il   Looking forwards to see You, The Microscopy Team...

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