Author: Shay Kirzner

July 7th, 10:00 – Special seminar on Imaging Flow Cytometry (IFC) using the Image Stream

The LS&E Flow Cytometry unit the invites You to attend special seminar on "Imaging Flow Cytometry (IFC) using the Image Stream". Date: Wednesday, July 7th, 10:00 o'clock, Location:  Biology faculty auditorium, Technion Speaker: Dr. Yael Lupu-Haber, LSE application specialist for the Image Stream Title: Imaging Flow Cytometry (IFC) using the Image Stream Abstract: IFC combines speed, sample size and phenotyping abilities of flow cytometry with the morphological analysis ability of microscopy in a single instrument platform. It allows statistical analysis of cellular morphology, fluorescent intensity and texture. IFC applications include: Cell signaling, Internalization ,Co-localization ,Microbiology ,Cell cycle ,Apoptosis ,Shape change ,Cell-cell interactions ,Oceanography. Looking forward to seeing you all, LSE Flow Cytometry team...

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